Friday, June 11, 2010

Essay #3 Malcolm X speech

My main focus for essay number 3 is Malcolm X's speech at the Harlem Rally in 1964. In this speech he addresses the incident that happened in Altantic City in which the Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party were refused seats at the National Democratic convention. He feels that what happens in one state effects america as a whole stating "America is Mississippi."

Malcolm X goes further into speaking about how the government cannot be trusted. He feels that although some of them smile and pretend like they are on their sides they are really in it for themselves. The government keeps telling them "don't rock the boat" which hit a nerve with Malcolm. He calls out to his fellow black community stating that something needs to be done. He says "Freedom is gotten by ballot, or bullet."

I feel so strongly moved by Malcolm X's speech. He pointed out what's real and called for the black community to fight back. In my research i will be finding out the reactions of the black community as well as the white community. Did his speech really inspire people to fight back?

Post #5: Response to Gil Scott-Heron

Here is Gil Scott-Heron performing "The Revolution Will Not Be Televised" along with footage put together from Youtube to illustrate some of the ideas in the poem. What idea of 'revolution' does this poem point us towards? Thinking about our discussion of LeRoi Jone's poetic language of the concrete and the vernacular, what types of language does Scott-Heron use?

Monday, May 3, 2010

Post #4 Writer's Choice!!

The poem I found very powerful was "Black Art" by LeRoi Jones. I feel as though LeRoi wrote in a rather agressive tone which gave me this deep impact. His choice of language is very explicit which allowed me to get a "real" feel of the message he is trying to send to the reader. I believe it is a work of political art because he is sending a message to the black community about how we need to stop sugar-coating the truth that lies. He wants black people to join together and for black artists to write about the struggle rather than conform to the white means of art. He also brings up plenty of instances in which he spoke what was going on and what needed to be done. I feel as though this poem relates to Larry Neal's manifesto because it addresses the new black aesthetic that needs to develop and that the black community may have a cultural revolution. I recieve this message most vividly when  LeRoi Jones states "We want a black poem. And a / Black World"

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The Black Arts Movement- Larry Neal

Larry Neal wants black people to develop their own culture rather than conforming to the art of the white man. Neal believes that instead of continuing to express black views through Western aesthetic that we should form a "black aesthetic". In his manifesto Neal states, "We advocate a cultural revolution in art and ideas." He is saying that black people need to come together and form their own culture of art.  He also states that aesthetic and ethics should be one.  Larry Neal wants to bring forth an art that targets the black audience with and realistic basis.   

I do believe that the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. might have shaped some of Neal's views. It seems to me that he is tired of white culture altogether and believe it is time for a change. He believes it is time for black people to have a revolution and stand up for what they believe in.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Essay #1 Prewriting

The song i have chosen to write about is "Mississippi Goddam" by Nina Simone. I chose this song because i liked the way Nina Simone used comedy relief to get her message across. I found it amusing how a song about pain and struggle can be so upbeat and exciting.
I feel as though just by hearing this song you can relate to what black people were going through during this time. I am curious to know the type of audience that came to listen to Nina Simone perform and how their reactions might have been. I would also like to know in more detail what she might have been referring to when she addresses Alabama and Tennessee.

The secondary text that i felt corresponds to this song would be Malcolm X's speech "What Does Mississippi Have to Do with Harlem?" Malcolm X addresses the same incident as Nina Simone; the one that occurred in Atlantic City with the Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party. Malcolm X gives a more direct and aggresive approach to the situation as opposed to Nina Simone. He speaks of the distrust that they share for the "white" government. He elaborates on her idea that the government doesnt want to "rock the boat" this goes hand in hand with her song as she keeps repeating "do it slow". I feel like both Malcolm X and Nina Simone are trying to make their fellow people open their eyes. They want them to know that something needs to be done and need to be done NOW. I do believe that his speech and her song go hand in hand together.

Monday, March 15, 2010

What it means to Me: My Political Expression

"Art, Politics and Protest" those are words with a powerful meaning as well as rich history. Being in a democracy, i feel that this should have relevance to everyone, as well as myself. I feel that we all should be able to stand up for what we believe in, whether were are expressing it through an art form, or a more aggressive way such as protesting.

I feel that expression through music as well as writing share equal importance to me. Music reaches the soul, it hits me very deeply. Music moves me; both literally and figuratively. It can be passed on from person to person and live on forever. I feel that most people can better relate to something when it is put into a form of a song. No matter what the issue is, i can always rely on music to put me at ease.

Writing plays a key when i comes to my own personal self-expression. I feel that i sometimes express myself best when i have a pen and paper. Whether it is writing a letter to my significant other, writing a poem to express any thoughts or even writing to grab the attention of a larger crowd.

I haven't be a part of a protest group as of yet, however, if i do find a cause i feel i need to stand up for i will be excited to protest. I am not sure if any particular work has changed my view of the world per say. I just like to be open-minded towards everything, keeping my own beliefs and views at heart best i can.

I am hoping that this class enables me to broaden my horizons. I'd love to understand another person's expression and struggle. So far i am enjoying what has been taught, and i expect to learn much more throughout the semester.

Art, Politics, and Protest

Hello this is Florence, so i just set up my blog for my Art, Politics and Protest class. I havent visited the class blog as of yet but when i do i will definitely put up a blog on whatever the first topic may be. Ok so as of now that is all i have to say. Toodles!!