Monday, May 3, 2010

Post #4 Writer's Choice!!

The poem I found very powerful was "Black Art" by LeRoi Jones. I feel as though LeRoi wrote in a rather agressive tone which gave me this deep impact. His choice of language is very explicit which allowed me to get a "real" feel of the message he is trying to send to the reader. I believe it is a work of political art because he is sending a message to the black community about how we need to stop sugar-coating the truth that lies. He wants black people to join together and for black artists to write about the struggle rather than conform to the white means of art. He also brings up plenty of instances in which he spoke what was going on and what needed to be done. I feel as though this poem relates to Larry Neal's manifesto because it addresses the new black aesthetic that needs to develop and that the black community may have a cultural revolution. I recieve this message most vividly when  LeRoi Jones states "We want a black poem. And a / Black World"

There is a great distinction between individual racism and institutionalized  racism. Individual racism may be a particular person(s) who may be racist. Although the law and times have changed, they cannot let go of the discrimination they have against a race (particularly in this case Blacks). Their racism can be range from just simply separating themselves from blacks or as violent hate groups such as the KKK.

Industrialized racism is much more complex than jus simply saying " I don't like black people." Industrialized racism are all the programs and funding that black people are being deprived of because of their skin color. Industrialized racism is neglecting the black communities schools, parks, streets and hospitals.

I feel as though industrialized racism is a bigger problem today because it affects communities as a whole. Although individual racism may always exist, the effects it may have on society will decrease through time. However black kids being deprived of proper school books, or black neighborhoods being deprived of clean streets are just a few of the industrial issues that still go on today. Whatever the racism may be, i personally just find it unacceptable in a advancing society.

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