Friday, June 11, 2010

Essay #3 Malcolm X speech

My main focus for essay number 3 is Malcolm X's speech at the Harlem Rally in 1964. In this speech he addresses the incident that happened in Altantic City in which the Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party were refused seats at the National Democratic convention. He feels that what happens in one state effects america as a whole stating "America is Mississippi."

Malcolm X goes further into speaking about how the government cannot be trusted. He feels that although some of them smile and pretend like they are on their sides they are really in it for themselves. The government keeps telling them "don't rock the boat" which hit a nerve with Malcolm. He calls out to his fellow black community stating that something needs to be done. He says "Freedom is gotten by ballot, or bullet."

I feel so strongly moved by Malcolm X's speech. He pointed out what's real and called for the black community to fight back. In my research i will be finding out the reactions of the black community as well as the white community. Did his speech really inspire people to fight back?

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