Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Essay #1 Prewriting

The song i have chosen to write about is "Mississippi Goddam" by Nina Simone. I chose this song because i liked the way Nina Simone used comedy relief to get her message across. I found it amusing how a song about pain and struggle can be so upbeat and exciting.
I feel as though just by hearing this song you can relate to what black people were going through during this time. I am curious to know the type of audience that came to listen to Nina Simone perform and how their reactions might have been. I would also like to know in more detail what she might have been referring to when she addresses Alabama and Tennessee.

The secondary text that i felt corresponds to this song would be Malcolm X's speech "What Does Mississippi Have to Do with Harlem?" Malcolm X addresses the same incident as Nina Simone; the one that occurred in Atlantic City with the Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party. Malcolm X gives a more direct and aggresive approach to the situation as opposed to Nina Simone. He speaks of the distrust that they share for the "white" government. He elaborates on her idea that the government doesnt want to "rock the boat" this goes hand in hand with her song as she keeps repeating "do it slow". I feel like both Malcolm X and Nina Simone are trying to make their fellow people open their eyes. They want them to know that something needs to be done and need to be done NOW. I do believe that his speech and her song go hand in hand together.

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