Monday, March 15, 2010

What it means to Me: My Political Expression

"Art, Politics and Protest" those are words with a powerful meaning as well as rich history. Being in a democracy, i feel that this should have relevance to everyone, as well as myself. I feel that we all should be able to stand up for what we believe in, whether were are expressing it through an art form, or a more aggressive way such as protesting.

I feel that expression through music as well as writing share equal importance to me. Music reaches the soul, it hits me very deeply. Music moves me; both literally and figuratively. It can be passed on from person to person and live on forever. I feel that most people can better relate to something when it is put into a form of a song. No matter what the issue is, i can always rely on music to put me at ease.

Writing plays a key when i comes to my own personal self-expression. I feel that i sometimes express myself best when i have a pen and paper. Whether it is writing a letter to my significant other, writing a poem to express any thoughts or even writing to grab the attention of a larger crowd.

I haven't be a part of a protest group as of yet, however, if i do find a cause i feel i need to stand up for i will be excited to protest. I am not sure if any particular work has changed my view of the world per say. I just like to be open-minded towards everything, keeping my own beliefs and views at heart best i can.

I am hoping that this class enables me to broaden my horizons. I'd love to understand another person's expression and struggle. So far i am enjoying what has been taught, and i expect to learn much more throughout the semester.

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